Underfloor Heating


Anderson Floor Warming underfloor heating is a low temperature system using heated water circulating in PE-Xa pipes installed within the floor construction. Heat is transferred from the pipes to the floor, then, predominantly by gentle heat radiation, to the room. The entire surface of the floor gives off heat, which means that heat emission per square meter remains low.

Our qualified and experienced in-house technical design team can advise on the system most suitable to your project, and provide free estimates. On order, we provide full system specifications and detailed layout drawings. Anderson Floor Warming’s qualified engineers can install your underfloor heating, or our design team can provide technical assistance for those preferring self build.

Anderson Floor Warming can provide underfloor heating pipe fixing systems to suit all types of floor construction including screed floors, concrete, battened, timber suspended and floating floors. We offer assistance on choosing the most suitable pipe fixing method to suit your floor construction and can provide CAD / PDF details on request. Technical advice on the most suitable floor screeds and coverings for your application are also available.

Laying in concrete or screed

Pipe in rail underfloor heating Pipe-in-rail can be used indoors and outdoors and laid in screed or concrete construction. The pipe clip rail eliminates the need for wire mesh and is suitable for 12mm to 22mm o.d. Pex pipes. Rails can be laid on any type and thickness of insulation.
Pipe in board underfloor heating Pipe-in-board – Pre-formed plastic castellated boards retain the pipe at variable centres without the need for specialist tools.
Pipe in staple underfloor heating Pipe-in-Staple provides a much greater degree of choice of pipe layout and spacing. Anderson Floor Warming’s staples are available for Pex pipes 16mm to 20mm o.d and will fix in standard, medium and high density rigid board insulation, eliminating the need for expensive laminated boards. Automatic staple guns are available for self installers.
Pipe in mesh underfloor heating Pipe-in-Mesh. Plastic ties are used to fix the underfloor heating pipe to the mesh.
Pipe in twistclip underfloor heating Pipe-in-Twist-Clip. Twist clips screw into medium and high density rigid board insulation, fixing Pex 16mm o.d pipes. Twist clips, like staples, can be fixed into any position, which provides a much greater degree of choice of pipe layout and spacing, without the need for specialist tools. This makes twist clips a popular choice for budget conscious builders for smaller areas. Twist clips are often supplied with Pipe-in-Rail systems as additional fixing for pipe runs to and from the manifolds.
self-levelling screed underfloor heating Self-levelling Screed. Anderson Floor Warming can provide the screed to finish your underfloor heating construction. Using a self-levelling screed we can quickly lay the floor and it will be ready for foot traffic in 48 hours. Self-levelling screed is ideal for use with underfloor heating. It can be laid rapidly and there is no need grinding for subsequent floor covering or vinyl application.

Laying on wood joists

Pipe in plate underfloor heating Pipe-in-plate is suitable for timber joist and battened floors. The aluminium grooved plate retains the pipe and diffuses the heat into the floor. The plates are available in twin or triple grooves for 400 and 600mm joist centres. Plate systems are ideal for first floor timber joist construction and for renovation on timber floors.
Slotted Wood 22mm underfloor heating System LK Slotted Wood 22mm System. This system comprises of an environmentally approved chipboard floor which is shaped to contain the pipes and distribution plate. This board is laid to span joists, actually forming the structural floor, giving cost, program and health and safety benefits, as well as better heat output than using plates below a standard timber structural floor.
Pipe in pug underfloor heating Pipe-in-pug Pipe is laid on insulation layer between joists or battens and covered with a dry sand and cement mix or ‘pug’.
Lewis Plates underfloor heating Lewis Plates. Lewis® Dovetailed Sheeting allows you to install a thin concrete or screed floor upstairs straight on top of the joists, the special profile of the sheets reinforces the screed and means that only a 20mm covering to the pipes is required, typical UFH floor thickness from just 52mm (including 16mm diameter UFH pipes).Please call for more information on Lewis Plates

Laying on solid floors – floating floors

Slotted Wood 16mm underfloor heating System Slotted Board XPS – This system is used when under floor heating is to be installed on solid floors and supplementary insulation is needed beneath. The slotted board comes in thicknesses of 30 and 50 mm. The board has a slot c/c 200 mm for fitting with aluminium heat distribution plates. The floor covering is laid ”floating” over the slotted board.
Slotted Wood 16mm underfloor heating System LK Slotted Board EPS 16mm System – This system is for laying on load bearing floors, giving exceptionally low construction height. The system is made up of grooved insulation panels, 16mm thick, with an aluminium heat distribution plate, 0.5mm thick factory fixed. The heat distribution plate covers the entire surface of the insulation panel. The grooved panel, turn panel and feed pipe panel are made of high density EPS and provide extremely high resistance to compression.

Projects using underfloor heating

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