Solar Thermal Panels


Solar Thermal PanelSolar thermal panels can be erected on the roof, in the garden, or on walls, ideally south facing, though they will still work if not on a south facing surface.

A controller compares the temperature of these to the temperature of the water at the bottom the storage cylinder and when it is hotter the circuit is switched on and the water is heated using the energy from the solar panel.

Anderson Floor Warming And Renewables have achieved MCS Approved Installer status for Solar Thermal Panel installations, giving greater consumer protection, and allowing our installations to be eligible for funding from grants or the upcoming Renewable Heat Incentive.

Renewable Heat Incentive/Premium Payments

For information on the Renewable Heat Incentive and the interim Premium Payments please click here to see our page with the latest details on the schemes and links to relevant sites for information on applying.

Projects using Solar Thermal Panel

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