Hybrid Systems / Bivalent Systems


In addition to our experience of designing and installing heat pumps and boiler systems, Anderson Floor Warming And Renewables have also been at the forefront of designing and installing hybrid or bivalent systems.

Hybrid, or bivalent systems, as they are sometimes known, are a combination of a heat pump and a traditional boiler within the same system. For example, a heat pump and a traditional boiler are electronically linked via a controller. This automatically monitors, calculates and selects whether it is more cost effective for heating to be provided by the boiler or the heat pump.

These systems are ideal for remote properties, particularly those in off-gas areas, where the rising costs of fossil fuels make a renewable energy source attractive. Also, where only single phase supply is available, a hybrid system is often the only solution in a property with a high heat load that would require a three-phase supply for an adequately sized heat pump.
Hybrid System Sizing Graph _copy 500pix
The graph shows how much of a contribution a heat pump will make to yearly heating requirements when sized at different percentages of the property’s heat loss. Counter-intuitively, this is not a direct correlation. For example, a system with a heat pump sized at 50% of the heat loss will gain 80% of its requirements from the heat pump and have only 20% to make from its back-up system.

Renewable Heat Incentive

Hybrid systems will be eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive as long as the system is metered.

For information on the Renewable Heat Incentive please click here to see our page with the latest details on the scheme and links to relevant sites for information on applying.

Projects using Hybrid / Bivalent Systems

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